5 Atlanta Scenic Drive To Experience In An Exotic Rental Car

5 Atlanta Scenic Drive To Experience In An Exotic Rental Car

Our Atlanta area neighborhoods and byways offer visitors so many varied scenic adventures. You could reserve a different luxury ride from our Dream Exotic Atlanta car rental fleet for a spin on each of these Atlanta scenic drives.

  1. West End
  2. Northside Neighborhood Drive
  3. Mount Paran & Roswell Roads
  4. Georgia Mountain Parkway
  5. Cohutta-Chattahoochee Scenic Byway

1) West End

Atlanta’s West End neighborhood features beautiful, historic homes of varied architecture, from Queen Anne and Folk Victorian to Craftsman bungalows. It’s traditionally been an upper middle class to wealthy African-American enclave and here you’ll find the author, Joel Chandler Harris’ famous Wren’s Nest home for “Uncle Remus”. We recommend our Bentley luxury rental to explore the West End.

2) Northside Neighborhood Drive

Look out for beautiful homes with lush curb appeal and manicured lawns on a leisurely drive through this wealthy neighborhood. Feel right at home cruising with your drop-top Lamborghini rental. Enjoy greater visibility from the cockpit of this nimble exotic car, twisting and turning down random roads where every mansion is unique.

3) Mount Paran & Roswell Roads

Experience the OG of gas station convenience stores at the original Mount Paran Country Store from the early 1900s. Close to Northside, this neighborhood market is a treat with nostalgic old-school snacks and old mansions within blocks. Cruise the neighborhood with the top down on the Ferrari, which is agile enough for Atlanta’s city streets and super easy to park anywhere.

4) Georgia Mountain Parkway

A scenic byway that makes an easy transition from the hubbub of town out to the mountain cities. A Lamborghini has that right mix of swagger, style, and comfort to tour the communities along the parkway, including the famous Blue Ridge. This Lambo is definitely a fun experience, while also being very easy to drive.

5) Cohutta-Chattahoochee Scenic Byway

Drive through Chattahoochee National Forest for a tour of Northwest Georgia’s small towns and mills while experiencing your Mercedes rental’s superb performance on Georgia’s beautiful mountain roads. There will be several opportunities to stretch your legs and try local cuisine while driving through the history of Georgia. A Mercedes sedan is roomy enough for family or friends and comfortable for a relaxing drive on this scenic byway.

Plan Your Scenic Drives Today

Experience one or all of these five Atlanta scenic drives on your next visit in an exotic rental car from Dream Exotics Atlanta. Our VIP services include airport pick up.