Exotic Car Names Unique

4 Unique Exotic Car Names Explained

The Lamborghini Huracan’s Origin May Surprise You

Just looking at the name, you might think this supercar was named after a terrifying windstorm. However, while the translation of huracan from Spanish to English is “hurricane,” Lamborghini turned toward the art of bullfighting for this name.

Many Lambo models use the names of famous fighting bulls. Huracan was a Conte de la Patilla bull seen in the ring back in 1879 and was known for his unrelenting aggression. It only seems fitting that this powerful two-seater would embody the spirit of its namesake.

  • 610 hp
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • Mid-Engine Design
  • Imposing Design & Presence

Bentley Bentayga Has A Name With a Dual Meaning

This luxury SUV might have a single name, but it has a dual meaning. You will find Roque Bentayga in Tejeda, Spain. First, the rocky formation rises above the mountainous landscape and serves as an iconic lodestone to the region. The word taiga comes from a Russian and Turkish background and refers to evergreen forests below the arctic circle.

As such, Bentley intended the Bentayga to be a riveting and everlasting vehicle in its design and performance.

  • Opulent Seating For Five
  • Provides A VIP Experience For Backseat Guests
  • Bespoke Appointments In Leather, Wood, & Polished Metal
  • 542 Horsepower
  • Timeless Appeal

Rolls-Royce Cullinan’s Name Comes A Gem

When Rolls-Royce constructed its new SUV prepared to head off-road while catering to its passengers’ every whim, they knew they were hand-carving a true gem. Rolls-Royce Cullinan refers back to the largest rough diamond ever mined. The rough gem was sold in 1907 and ultimately presented as a gift to King Edward VII of England.

He had it cut into several faceted gems. The largest is known as the Great Star of Africa, which weighs 530.4 carats and is mounted in the Sovereign’s Scepter with a Cross.

Cullinan–a large rough gem that became a piece of art through creativity, engineering, and dedication.

  • Spacious Luxury SUV Featuring Opulent Private Rear Lounge
  • Off-Road Ready To Tackle Towering Peaks & Vast Desert Terrain
  • 563 Horsepower
  • Unmistakable Exotic Car Design

The Chevrolet Corvette Has Military Inspiration

Is a corvette anything but a beautiful sports car? Chevrolet stole the name straight out of World War II. A corvette was a small, fast ship designed to support convoys and attack submarines for the Royal British Navy. Much like the American patrol boats, corvettes were put to work destroying German U-boats and then racing out of harm’s reach: fast, sleek, and powerful.

  • Mid-Engine Design
  • 490 Horsepower
  • Storied Racing Pedigree
  • Two-Seater Thrills

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